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France - Madame Monsieur

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Madame Monsieur

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Madame Monsieur

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      Madame Monsieur consisting of vocalist Émilie Satt (Sattonet) and producer Jean-Karl Lucas. The duo met each other in 2008 and formed Madame Monsieur in 2013.
    In 2015 the duo wrote the song “Smile” for the French rapper Youssoupa and later participated in the TV-show Taratata. The results of their collaboration lead them to their debut album eight years after their first meeting, on 4 November 2016 the album Tandem was released.
    This year France decided to create a TV-show to find the representative for the Eurovision Song Contest 2018, the result was Destination Eurovision hosted by the National Broadcaster France 2.
    Madame Monsieur confirmed their participation with the song “Mercy”, a song based on a true story. Mercy is the name of a little child that born on March 21 on the humanitarian boat “Aquarius” of the association “SOS Mediterranean”. Her Nigerian mother was escaping from the violence and the cruelty of her country for a better future while the father of Mercy remains in a jail in Lybia. “Aquarius” saved 945 refuges and brought them to Catania, Italy.
    On 8 January, Émilie and Jean-Karl during the second semi-final qualified to the final that won on 27 January. France is a member of Big5 and performs straight to the Grand Final on 12 May.


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