Expo Tel Aviv
Tel Aviv, Israel
14, 16 & 18 May 2019

Czech Republic - Mikolas Josef

Song Title
"Lie to me"

Music and
Lyrics by
Mikolas Josef

Performed by
Mikolas Josef

Social Media
Official Website

      Mikolas Josef is a singer and songwriter born in 1995 in Prague, Czech Republic. At the age of 17 he started to work as a model for clothing brands such as Diesel and Prada.
    He started his musical career as a street performer and folk guitarist in Oslo, Zurich, Hamburg and Vienna. In 2015 he released independently his first single “Hands Bloody”, one year later the single “Free” and “Believe (Hey, Hey).
     Josef had the chance to represent his country in the Eurovision Song Contest Kiev, but he rejected the song “My Turn” because he did not believe the song suited him. In 2017 his single “Lie To Me” entered the National Selection for the Eurovision Song Contest 2018 and won. The song is written by Josef himself and it’s a combination of modern pop sound with hip hop.
    Czech Republic will compete during the first half of the First Semi-Final at 8 May.


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