Expo Tel Aviv
Tel Aviv, Israel
14, 16 & 18 May 2019

F.Y.R. Macedonia - Eye Cue

Song Title
"Lost and Found"

Music and
Lyrics by
Bojan Trajkovski, Darko Dimitrov

Performed by
Eye Cue

Social Media
Official Website

      Eye Cue is the name of the group that will represent F.Y.R Macedonia this year at the 63 rd edition of the Eurovision Song Contest. The artists of the group are Bojan Trajkovski - Vocals/Guitar, Ivo Mitkovski – Drums and Marija Ivanovska – Vocals. The song will perform on the stage of Eurovision in Lisbon called “Lost and Found” and its written by Bojan Trajkovski and Darko Dimitrov.
    F.Y.R. Macedonia will compete during the second half of the FirstSemi-Final.


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