Expo Tel Aviv
Tel Aviv, Israel
14, 16 & 18 May 2019

Greece - Gianna Terzi

Song Title
"Oniro Mou"

Music and
Lyrics by
Gianna Terzi, Aris Kalimeris, Dimitris Stamatiou, Mihalis Papathanasiou

Performed by
Gianna Terzi

Gianna Terzi
Aris Kalimeris
Dimitris Stamatiou, Mihalis Papathanasiou

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Official Website

        Gianna Terzi, emerging from a musically recognized family, has developed her skills both as a singer and as a songwriter in her ten-year stay in America.
    There she was Talent Scouter next to a top musician of Interscope, one of the world's largest record companies, and she worked with great names on the international stage such as Red One, R. City, in addition to her years of experience in the field.
    Gianna was nominated and winner of the Arion Awards and Cyprus Music Awards. Her single “Pou kai Pou” where in the first place for months, she appeared at Mad Video Music Awards and in 2009 was selected to interpret the historical "Nocturne" in the Pan-Hellenic Eurovision Preshow, and more.
    The song “Oniro Mou” (My Dream) has Hellenic sound and lyric written by Gianna Terzi, Aris Kalimeris, Dimitris Stamatiou and Mihalis Papathanasiou. Oniro Mou was written as an imaginary dialogue between Greece and its people, but it could also be about love.
    Aris Kalimeris is a music producer, lyricist and manager and member of the Eurovision Family with his participation in Moldova's 2009 entry “Hora din Moldova” with Nelly Ciobanu.
    He has worked with many Romanian and foreign artists such as Inna, Marius Moga (Morandi), Mattyas, Ela Rose, Nico (Eurovision Romania 2008) , Snoop Dogg and many Greeks singing Sakis Rouvas, Vegas and Christina Salti, with many of his tracks becoming international successes, distinguishing “Secret love” that entered the charts in more than 30 countries in 2010 following a lot of others with similar success.
   Dimitris Stamatiou is a music producer who counts collaborations with great names of Hellenic discography such as Elena Paparizou, Antique, Anna Vissi, Goin 'Through, Zenith, Apostolia Zoi, and has 2 golden discs with Goin 'through and has worked for 7 years as a producer/arranger on the side of Giorgos Theophanous.
    Michalis Papathanassiou is co-founder and member of Goin' through, the first hip-hop band of our country and co-founder and producer of Family the label. He has been A & R and in-house producer at Universal Music Greece, co-owner of Prism Studio, one of the most well-known recording studios in Athens, co-owner of the world-renowned Black Rock studio in Santorini.
    His name is behind the composition, orchestration and production of songs by great Greek artists such as Alkistis Protopsaltis, Haris Alexiou, Giorgos Mazonakis, Elena Paparizou, Michalis Hatzigiannis etc., while at the same time he signs as a composer and producer of soundtracks at the Hellenic Spectacle.
    Greece and Gianna will perform during the second Half of the First Semi-Final at 8 May.


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