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Italy - Ermal Meta & Fabrizio Moro

Song Title
"Non Mi Avete Fatto Niente"

Music and
Lyrics by
Ermal Meta, Fabrizio Moro, Andrea Febo

Performed by
Ermal Meta & Fabrizio Moro

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        Ermal Meta is a singer and songwriter, born on 20 April 1981 in Fier Albania. At the age of thirteen he moved with his family to Bari, Southern Italy.
    He began his music career as a guitarist of the Italian band Ameba4. Meta participated with the band in the famous Sanremo Music Festival 2006 with the song “Rido... forse mi sbaglio”, song that released on their self-titled album in 2006.
    A year later Meta became the main songwriter, leader singer and frontman of the band La Fame di Camilla. From 2009 to 2013, year that the band split, was released two albums, La Fame di Camilla and Buio e luce.
    He started to write songs for several artists such as Marco Mengoni, Emma, Chiara, Annalisa, Patty Pravo and Lorenzo Fragola. In 2013 he appeared on the single of Paty Pravo “Non mi interessa”, and a year later he was participated at the 66th edition of Sanremo Music Festival, performing the song "Odio le favole". The song was includen in his debut album Umano.
    He returned to the competition in 2017 with the song “Vietato morire”, a title that Meta gave to his second personal album later the same year.
    Fabrizio Mobrici born on 9 April 1975, he is better known by his stage name Fabrizio Moro. He is an Italian singer, songwriter and television presenter.
    Moro started his professional musical career in 1996 when he released his debut single "Per tutta un'altra destinazione", a song that included in his debut album Ricordi in 2000.
    Till 2008, Fabrizio took part three times to the Sanremo Competition and released three albums, with singles that made big success such as “Pensa”, “Eppure mi hai cambiato la vita” and “Situazioni della vita”.
    In 2010 he enters Sanremo with the song “Non è una canzone” and one year later he made his debut as a TV personality, presenting the programme Sbarre, a docu-reality about Italian prisons broadcast by Rai 2.
    On February 2018, Moro along with Ermal Meta participate and won in Sanremo Music Festival with a song written by Ermal Meta, Fabrizio Moro and Andrea Febo with the title “Non mi avete fatto nient”.
    As a member of the Big5, Italy will compete straight to the Grand Final at 12 May.


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