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Montenegro - Vanja Radovanović

Song Title

Music and
Lyrics by
Vladimir Radovanovic

Performed by
Vanja Radovanović

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      Vanja Radovanović was born in 1982 he is a singer and songwriter, for over fourteen years he is a part of the music industry in Montenegro. In 2004 Vanja participated at the Budva Music Festival where he competed with the song Dripac, where he also he won the award for the Best Debut.
    In 2007, he released the single Pričaj dodirom, and a few months later he released an album with the same title. The video clip for the single was filmed in cooperation with the Institute for Education and Rehabilitation of persons with impaired hearing, which is based in Kotor, Montenegro. The album Pričaj dodirom became one of the best-selling albums in Montenegro.
    Vanja is a very talented artist, he has released numerous singles for himself, he composed songs for other artists, performed at countless concerts, and became the lead singer of the band VIII2. His second solo album was released in 2017 with the title Svi životi moji. The song that will represent Montenegro in the 63rd edition of the Eurovision Song Contest, Inje is his creation.


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