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Moldova - DoReDos
Song Title
"My Lucky Day"

Music and
Lyrics by
Philipp Kirkorov, John Ballard

Performed by

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       Marina Djundiet, Eugeniu Andrianov and Sergiu Mîța are DoReDoS, the Moldovan folk-pop trio formed in 2011, they met in their hometown and decided to form a band together and
their name came from the first two notes of the musical scale.
    In 2017, DoReDoS caught the attention of Russian singer and songwriter Philipp Kirkorov by winning the contest New Wave in Sochi, Russia. Philipp wrote the song “My Lucky Day” for the Moldovan national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest, O melodie pentru Europa 2018, especially for the trio.
    Marina Djundiet was born o1986 in the town Rybnitsa, into a creative family. Her father is a guitarist and her mother danced in the ensemble of folk dances. She entered Tiraspol's College of Music, in 2002, and graduated as a professional singer. Afterwards, she graduated from the Academy of Music, Theater and Fine Arts.
    Eugeniu Andrianov was born in 1993 in the town Rybnitsa as well. He began to sing when he was ten years old: "I really wanted to sing, and the only one who believed in me was my mother," he said. Eugeniu studied at the Tiraspol's College of Music, and then graduated from the Academy of Music, Theater and Fine Arts. In 2013, Eugeniu won the second prize at the Slavianski Bazar Song Festival in Vitebsk, Belarus. Three years later, he was invited to Vitebsk again, but this time as an honorary guest of the festival.
    Sergiu Mîța was born in 1993, also in the same town as Marina and Eugeniu. His music teacher noticed his talent when Sergiu was in the third grade. Sergiu graduated from the Lyceum Evrika and Music School before moving to Chisinau and entering the College of Music. In 2014, he studied at the Academy of Music, Theater and Fine Arts.


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