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Hungary - AWS

Song Title
"Viszlát Nyár"

Music and
Lyrics by
Dániel Kökényes, Bence Brucker, Áron Veress, Soma Schiszler, Örs Siklósi

Performed by

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        AWS is a Hungarian metal and post-hardcore band. The members are Bence Brucker, Dániel Kökényes, Örs Siklósi, Áron Veress and Soma Schiszler. The debut album of AWS was in 2011 with the title Fata Morgana, till now they count 3 albums, three singles and seven video clips.
     They are well known in Europe, they toured as a band beyond Hungary with success in places such as Austria, England, Romania and Slovenia, and also with Blind Myself. AWS have even won the MTV Brand award for New Winning Band.
    On December 2017, AWS announced that will participate on the TV-show A Dal 2018, the National Selection for the Eurovision Song Contest in Lisbon. The song “Viszlát nyár” (Goodbye, summer) is written by Dániel Kökényes, Bence Brucker, Áron Veress, Soma Schiszler and Örs Siklósi.
    AWS won A Dal 2018 and will represent Hungary at the 63rd sedition of the Eurovision Song Contest. Hungary will compete during the second half of the Second Semi-Final at 10 May.


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