Expo Tel Aviv
Tel Aviv, Israel
14, 16 & 18 May 2019

Russia - Yulia Samoylova

Song Title
"I Won't Break"

Music and
Lyrics by
Netta Nimrodi, Leonid Gutkin, Arie Burshtein

Performed by
Yulia Samoylova

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Official Website

        Yuliya Olegovna Samoylova is a Russian singer and composer. She also mentioned as Yulia Samoilova or Julia Samoylova. Born on 1989 in Ukhta, Komi ASSR, Russian SFSR, USSR.
    As a child Yulia began losing function of her legs due to spinal muscular atrophy and has used a wheelchair since then.
    She started her career in her town as a performer in a restaurant where oil workers frequented. In 2008 she formed her own band called “TerraNova” which played heavy alternative music.
    In 2013, she was the runner-up of the Russian Version of The X-Factor, Faktor A. One year later she took part in the opening ceremony of the winter Paralympics performing the song “Together”.
    Samoylova was selected last year to represent Russia at the 62nd edition of the Eurovision Song Contest in Kiev Ukraine, with the song “Flame Is Burning”. On 13 March 2017 Ukraine’s Security Service ban Samoylova fron entering Ukraine due to her performance in Crimea - a region that was annexed by Russia in 2014. According to Ukrainian law entering Crimea via Russia is illegal. For her violation of Ukrainian legislation, she was not being able to enter Ukraine for three years. On April 2017 Russian broadcaster announced their withdrawal from the contest.
    this year Russia decided to send Yulia to Lisbon to represent her country at the 63 rd edition of the Eurovision Song Contest. The song that she will perform on the stage of Eurovision called I Won't Break.
    Russia will compete during the first half of the Second Semi-Final at 10 May.


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