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14, 16 & 18 May 2019

    The winner of the Eurovision Song Contest Stockholm 2016 is the talented artist Jamala from Ukraine with the song 1944.
    Jamala (Susana Jamaladinova) represented Ukraine in the 61st edition of the Eurovision Song Contest with the song “1944”. The song was inspired by the tragically story of her great-grandmother she wrote a very sad and dark song but at the same time real and very sentimental, her vocal skills are amazing and she will defiantly have the ability to touch your soul with every single word.
    Jamala started her music career in 2005 and become popular after her participation at The New Wave 2009, the International Contest of Young Pop Singers in Jūrmala. Jamala won the grand prize with her outstanding vocal talent and her ability to sing a variety of genres.
    She is also composer, she writes songs from jazz to soul and rhythm & blues to pop. In 2010 she was participated in the national final of Ukraine with the song Smile.
    Jamala starred in the Ukrainian film “The Guide that was selected” in 2014, the movie was selected as the Ukrainian entry at the 87th Academy Awards in the category of the Best Foreign Language Film.
    Jamala came first in the Grand Final on the 14th of May with 534 points, leaving behind the magnificent Australia in the second place with 511 points and Russia in the third place with 491 points.
    After the victory of Jamala, Ukraine counts two victories in the history of Eurovision.

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